Re: Pay-Per-Click Costs Are Through the Roof!
Lawyer Marketer v. Google Adwords
Case No: 2011 – CV – FixMyPPC

Dear Counselor:

Did you know that unlike other business owners, attorneys routinely overpay for their keywords? Yes, it’s no secret that attorneys are willing to overbid for all keywords related to their legal practice. (Source: The vast majority of the most expensive key terms are purchased by attorneys and law firms, particularly for practice areas such as personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and DUI defense. Many of these keywords go for more than $50 a click!

As more clients are beginning to rely on internet search engines to find an attorney and as more law firms increase their internet marketing budgets, the average cost per click (CPC) of legal terms has risen more than 30% per year for the last five years.

Pay-Per-Click Mistakes Can Kill You

So, when it comes to PPC advertising, mistakes absolutely, positively, have to be avoided. Mistakes can be VERY, VERY expensive. Trust me, I know. I’ve literally made every mistake in the PPC campaign book while building my law firm on the back of pay-per-click advertising. People clicking on your ads who have absolutely no interest in your services can get very expensive, very quickly. Setting up and maintaining profitable pay-per-click advertising campaigns takes time, energy, and above all, practice, to fine tune and keep earning profit over time.

Conversion is the Key!

That is why it is so critical that when visitors reach your website, you convert as many of them as possible. Think about this for a second. Once a person has clicked on your advertisement, they have cost you money to come to look at your site and what you have to offer. If they don’t find what they are looking for – and quickly – they hit the back button and go somewhere else. You can almost never recapture them or the money you just spent.

But there are ethical ways to increase this conversion rate substantially, doubling or even tripling your current rate. Imagine if your rate is 7% now (pretty good) and you can turn this into 10%, 14% or 20%. Your marketing dollars go further and you end up with more clients. You can literally double your case-load by doubling this conversion rate without spending an extra dime on advertising dollars!

FREE Special Report Reveals Top PPC Mistakes

However, regardless of how often it’s talked about, the most common PPC campaign mistakes seem to be made over and over and over again. That’s why I have created a special report which outlines the biggest mistakes made by both beginners, and shockingly, even by PPC “professionals.” Simply fill out your name and email below and you can download this report for FREE immediately.

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And ask yourself when reading this report if you know which of these mistakes you’re currently making? These could be costing you a fortune and peace of mind…


Craig A. Kahn, Esq.
Founder of Kahn Interactive Group